Clubhouse Booking

Leaman Towers

Clubhouse Booking Calendar

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We are pleased to advise that all public health restrictions have been lifted.
Private bookings can resume.

Room capacities/booking availability may change with little notice, if gathering restrictions are changed or limited by Public Health.

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Bookings are processed once daily between 9:00 – 5:00, Monday – Friday.
24 hour notice is required to confirm a booking.
One booking per apartment between November 20 - December 31, due to seasonal demand.

Confirmation of booking will be e-mailed to you when your request is processed.
Please check the calendar to confirm your booking has been entered and the reserved rooms/times match your request.
Bookings are not the responsibility of the Resident Manager and are handled by our main office.

NO Commercial activities allowed (no sales of products or services) under any circumstances.
NO Sales of tickets to events in the Clubhouse.
NO Sales of alcohol on site.
NO Cannabis use on premises.
NO SMOKING anywhere on the property (inside OR outside!).
Tenants using the rooms for commercial purposes (e.g. classes offered to paying clients, rooms ‘rented’ to outside parties etc) will be banned from use of the facilities.

This facility is intended for personal use by TENANTS AND THEIR GUESTS ONLY (for parties, social gatherings, meetings, etc.).
Tenant who requested the booking is responsible for the venue and MUST BE PRESENT at all events.


Maximum THREE (3) bookings per apartment per calendar year (this may change once we determine demand).
All rooms (party room, games room, theatre room) can be booked for same time slot
No multi-day bookings allowed (count as separate events)


Can be reserved for private use.
No limit on bookings, but only one 'active' reservation at a time (no standing timeslot or repeat bookings)
General day-to-day use remains open to all tenants
Common Courtesy applies to use… Maximum time of 2 hours when other tenants are waiting to use it.

Can be reserved for private use. No repeat bookings; limit of one 'active' reservation at a time
General day-to-day use remains open to all tenants
Common Courtesy applies to use… Maximum time of 3 hours if other tenants are waiting.

Parking is limited. Guests can park in visitor parking ONLY or on the street. Cars parked in tenant parking, or in the driveway will be towed without notice. Please advise guests of the parking options.

*** Tenants are responsible to clean up after their event. ***
Cleaning requirements include:
- sweep and mop the floors
- wipe down tables and countertops
- remove food/drinks and decorations brought in for the event
- move furniture back in place, and
- dispose of garbage in the Garbage Room
Failure to clean up will result in a cleaning charge back to the tenant and/or ban from use of the facilities.

The calendar below indicates availability in all 4 rooms. Please check the date and time you wish to reserve to confirm availability.
Please complete the "Clubhouse Booking Form" below to request a reservation.

Leaman Clubhouse Booking Form

I acknowledge liability and release J2K Properties (Transom Properties Limited and Transom Rentals Limited) from any and all liability of injuries, and loss or damage to personal property that may arise in the use of the 'Clubhouse' common areas.

I agree to comply with all rules and regulations set by the managers as well as the safety provisions. I agree that I am responsible for any and all damages incurred by myself and my guests during the use of the 'Clubhouse'.

I agree to return the areas used back to their original state, including removal of garbage and cleaning as needed.